TransportLab News: July 2021

Transport Engineering and Planning at the University of Sydney

Welcome to the mid-year update from TransportLab at the University of Sydney.

While meeting people face-to-face is uncertain, you can follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.


The TransportLab Seminar is currently virtual on Friday afternoons during semester. Please contact us if you’d like to join the mailing list. In addition to student presentations, the virtual format allowed us to host several academic and industry speakers, including:

  • Dr Michelle Zeibots (UTS) on An introduction to the Responsive Passenger Information (RPI) System Research Program at UTS

  • Dr Wei Liu (UNSW) on A game theoretical analysis of metro-integrated city logistics systems

  • Prof Mark Hickman (University of Queensland) on How can we make public transport passengers more satisfied?

  • Chris Loader from Charting Transport on What impact does paid car parking have on travel mode choice?

  • Nicole Badstuber presented Mind the Gender Gap

  • Prof John Nelson (ITLS) on Implications of MaaS for public transport business models.


  • Yue Yang and Guipeng Jiao have started their PhDs with Mohsen Ramezani supported by an ARC DECRA project on Market Design of Next Generation of Shared and Automated Transport Services.

  • Tingsen (Tim) Xian has started his PhD with Emily Moylan and John Nelson on the performance impacts of bus infrastructure design

  • Durba Kundu has started her PhD with Emily Moylan and David Levinson on disruption and habit formation in transit ridership

  • Yang Gao and Hao-Tian Wang started their PhDs with David Levinson

Awards, Accolades and Memberships

  • Yadi Wang and David Levinson received Silver Prize for their paper at the International Conference on Integrated Land Use and Transport Modelling (ILUTM-7) in Xian, China in June 2021

  • Wenbo Yan, Hudson Yao, Linji Chen and Hema Rayaprolu won the 2nd Annual Student Data Challenge on Urban Travel Time, Speed, and Reliability from the TRB subcommittee on Travel Time, Speed and Reliability.

  • Honours student April Alcock is the 2020 overall winner of the ITE-ANZ Trafficworks Student Award. She is shown below receiving her prize (photo credit:

Articles, books and chapters

  • Aoustin, Louise, and Levinson, D. (2021) Longing to Travel: Commute Appreciation during COVID-19. Findings, January. [doi]

  • Aoustin, Louise, and Levinson, D. (2021) The Perception of Access in Sydney. Findings, March. [doi]

  • Cui, Mengying, and Levinson, D. (2021) Shortest paths, travel costs, and traffic. Environment and Planning B. 48(4) 828-844. [doi]

  • Kent, J. L., Mulley, C., Goh, L., & Stevens, N. 2021. Public Transport and Travel with Dogs. In C. Mulley, J.Nelson and S. Ison (Eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Public Transport. Routledge, London

  • Kent, J. L. & Corinne Mulley (2021) Understanding perspectives on policy change: The case of dogs on public transport in Sydney, Australia, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, DOI: 10.1080/15568318.2021.1919798

  • Kumarage, S., Yildirimoglu, M., Ramezani, M., & Zheng, Z. (2021). Schedule-constrained demand management in two-region urban networks. Transportation Science. Forthcoming.

  • Lehe, Lewis, and Levinson, D. (2021) The Economics of FindingsFindings, March. [doi]

  • Li, Y., Mohajerpoor, R., & Ramezani, M. (2021). Perimeter control with real-time location-varying cordon. Transportation Research Part B, 150, 101-120.

  • Li, Y., Yildirimoglu, M., & Ramezani, M. (2021). Robust perimeter control with cordon queues and heterogeneous transfer flows. Transportation Research Part C, 126.

  • Moylan, E., Bliemer, M. & Rashidi, T. H. (2021) Travellers’ perceptions of travel time reliability in the presence of rare events. Transportation (Accepted)

  • Sajedianfard, N., Hadian, E., Samadi, A. H., Shabani, Z. D., Sarkar, S., & Robinson, P. A. (2021). Quantitative analysis of trade networks: data and robustness. Applied Network Science6(1), 1-26.

  • Wu, Hao and Levinson, D. (2021) Optimum Stop Spacing for AccessibilityEuropean Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research. 21(2) 1-18. [doi]

  • Wu, Hao, Paolo Avner, Genevieve Boisjoly, Carlos K. V. Braga, Ahmed El-Geneidy, Jie Huang, Tamara Kerzhner, Brendan Murphy, Michał A. Niedzielski, Rafael H. M. Pereira, John P. Pritchard, Anson Stewart, Jiaoe Wang, and David Levinson (2021) Urban access across the globe: an international comparison of different transport modes. NPJ Urban Sustainability 1(16) [doi]

  • Yan, W., Yao, H., Chen, L., Rayaprolu, H., & Moylan, E. (2021). Impacts of School Reopening on Variations in Local Bus Performance in Sydney. Transportation Research Record,

Reports and Projects


  • Transport Findings has been renamed Findings, and a new section Urban Findings, launched in June 2021. Somwrita Sarkar is the editor.


  • Jennifer Kent presented a public lecture on Dogs, Transport and Mental Health for the Matilda Centre

  • Jennifer Kent presented a seminar on Weight Centrism in Research on Children’s Active Transport to School

  • In February, Jennifer Kent appeared on ABC News TV to discuss infrastructure for electric vehicles in Australia.

  • In May, Jennifer appeared on ABC News TV to discuss greenfield development and its transport implications.

  • In May and June Jennifer was interviewed by ABC Drive Sydney, ABC Drive Adelaide, ABC Canberra Mornings and ABC National Radio as well as The Daily Telegraph Newspaper and Radio 2UE breakfast to discuss pets on public transport.

  • In June David Levinson was interviewed by ABC Radio National, ABC Perth, and ABC Sydney to discuss the Towards the 30-Minute City and related transport topics, based on an article in the Conversation. Hao Wu was interviewed by 2SER and SBS Mandarin to discuss the same.

  • Emily Moylan and Bahman Lahoorpoor spoke at the International Symposium on Transport Network Reliability (16-18 June 2021)


TransportLab is hiring. We’re looking for postdocs, a PhD student and an MPhil student. The topics include safer intersection designs for pedestrians, optimal testing strategies for DUI enforcement and modelling rare-event reliability. Local candidates are preferred.

Email to register your interest.

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